How to Record Video From Skype

Hlw and how are you all.
We are all use skype for video call. Now i will show you how to record video from skype.
Its so easy to download video . Download a software for record video.
Click here for download.

Now you will record any video from the software.

What Is A School Management

School Of Management: This software easily help you to manage the school easily.
                                          For download Click Here Please
   Its easy to using. Thanks.

Coding Install Editing Any DLL,EXE,RES File

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Today i will show you interesting work for DLL,EXE,RES file system.
  •    Download (694kb) software. Download click here.
  •    Please install the software.
  •    Go start menu and now click  Resource Hacker icon.
  • Now click file menu and open DLL,EXE,RES file.
  • Now edit the file ass your wiss.
  • And save this file.


A new ruling in United Kingdom shows Apple and Samsung rivalry heating up.

Apple, with its multiple lawsuits against Samsung Mobile, suggests that the computer turned smartphone manufacturer is not into “sitting pretty” watching Samsung flourishing and taking all the smartphone market share, and all the credits.
Samsung’s new and most popular smartphone to date, the Samsung Galaxy S II is a sexy device packed with a beastly 1.2GHz
dual-core processor and the latest version of Android. Many reviewers, including Engadget, is claiming that the Samsung Galaxy S II is the best smartphone in the market today.

Create A Logo


Your logo is a visual representation of everything your company stands for. Think of McDonald's golden arches or the Nike swoosh-these two impressive logos embody these companies well. But many companies still skimp on developing this key identity piece.
Ideally, your company logo enhances potential customers and partners' crucial first impression of your business. A good logo can build loyalty between your business and your customers, establish a brand identity, and provide the professional look of an established enterprise.

How To Back Up PCs To Each Other Via The Internet Using Crash Plan Personal

Backing up the data on your computer is vital. Everyone knows this. Yet not everyone does something about it. Why? Because backing up a computer remains a bit of a pain. You often need to buy an external drive, or you need to pay for an expensive monthly cloud storage service.
 backup pc online
If you own more than one computer, however, the answer may already be in your home. You could use your computers as backups for each other. Many home PCs now leave the factory with drives up to 1TB in size,

Give An Old Laptop A New Life

Computers seem to become slower as they age. Anyone who has kept a PC for more than three years has run into this issue. What once seemed quick begins to feel sluggish and ancient.
There are reasons for this. Operating systems tend to become more resource-hungry over time, hardware ages, and the exuberance felt during the first months of laptop ownership fades. This is why some people buy new laptops frequently, but there are ways to make an older model feel new again.old laptop new life

Free Download Movie

Its easy to download any movie from the tricks.

Free Web services for downloading videos from video-sharing sites.......................

clipnabber ClipNabber allows you to download videos from YouTube, Metacafe, etc by simply copying and pasting the URL. You’ll then get a link whereby you can download the file to your computer, iPod, iPhone, or any other media player. You’ll need to have an FLV player for the YouTube videos. Quick and very easy to use!

How to Hide Your Friends List on Your Profile

Its time to create extra on facebook.Now I will show you how to hide my friend
1. Click on Profile on the blue bar a the top of the screen:

2. Scroll down to the beginning of your Friends list and click on the pencil to the right of the word Friends:

How to Make a Wikipedia Page

          Now i will show you how to create a wiki page.......
Wikipedia Lets Try :
1. Write right.
Follow this essential step first before you build a solid understanding of how to make a Wikipedia page in the other steps. Before you enter any Wikipedia article of your own, make sure that you have an appropriate topic that is well-sourced and unbiased. You aren’t writing in your diary or a penpal letter to your old elementary school chum who lives across the ocean. Your writing should be of good quality and cited like content that would appear in an encyclopedia. Wikipedia editors will reject articles that promote a business or are similar to travel guides, random tips, bits of advice, news items and penpal letters to your friend Toto in Africa. There’s nothing that a hundred men or more

Messi scores four in Guardiola's last home game as Barcelona coach

Lionel Messi scored four times to take his season tally to an unprecedented 72 goals and give Barcelona coach Pep Guardiola a 4-0 win over crosstown rival Espanyol in his last home game at Camp Nou Stadium on Saturday.
Messi's scoring display was a fitting farewell for the coach who helped the Argentina forward become the world's best player and forged Barcelona into one of the best teams to have played football.
After scoring his Spanish league-record 50th goal late on, Messi went to the sideline to embrace Guardiola, who is leaving after 13 titles in four seasons.

How to Make an iPhone App

Why Is It Important?

The first question which arises when speaking about iPhone app creation is why do you need it? There are some reasons that you can think of:
    how to make an iphone app
  • marketing your services;
  • making money;
  • expressing your individuality in the world of iPhones and iPads;
  • showcasing your ideas;
  • creating your personal style either in business or in your private life.
No matter, what a primary reason is, you should realize that making such an app is not as difficult as it is wrongly considered.

How to Create an App

If a question “How to create an app?” came to your mind one day, remember this. Who knows, it may be the turning point of your life as creating apps is a quite rewarding business. And it’s no longer limited to experienced programmers only. Anyone who has a great idea accompanied by a desire to build an app can succeed, as well as a specialist with years of programming experience.

What you need to do is simply learn about new techniques, methods, necessary tools for app creation which make the whole processes of app making very easy and feasible even for people with basic text editing experience. At present there is a wide range of effective and detailed featured guides on how to create an app

Speed Up My Pc

Today i show you how to run pc speedy.
Open your computer.
Then ..........................

Now write REGEDIT

Unlock I Phone 4

First :  Open your phone.
2Nd: Click on emergency call.
3rd: Then press number mood .
And Click     ####       button .
4th : No more wait then click unlock button .
     ITS MIRACLE…………. I think Its worked

How to Install Windows XP

This procedure demonstrates how to install Windows XP Professional. The procedure to install Windows XP home edition is very similar to the professional edition. Since Windows XP Pro is more advanced operating system, it will be used to demonstrate the installation procedure.
The best way install Windows XP is to do a clean install. It is not difficult to perform a clean installation. Before you perform the installation I recommend that you check Windows XP Compatibility List to ensure that your hardware is supported by XP. If your hardware is not on the compatibility list you can check your hardware manufactures website to download the drivers for Windows XP. Save all the necessary drivers onto

First Boot and BIOS Setup

Now that we have finished building the PC lets connect the base unit to a mains outlet. Connect a keyboard, mouse and monitor so that we are ready for the first boot. Turn the PC on by pressing the power switch. If everything goes well you will hear a short beep followed by a boot screen. At this stage we need to enter the BIOS to check that all the hardware is detected correctly. We will also make few changes so that we are ready to install an operating system such as Windows 7.
To enter bios setup press the delete key as the computer boots up. Please note it could be a different key on

Windows 7 Installation Guide / Tutorial

The Windows 7 is finally here. It’s released for beta testers a few days ago and I am here with a small step by step picture guided tour through the installation process. I downloaded the x86 version of the M3 build ( build No: 6801) from Microsoft Connect site, which is 2.72 GB ISO. The x64 version is around 3.2 GB in size.
The installation process was just like vista setup and to my surprise completed in just around 20 minutes in my low end Virtual hardware. This surely indicates the performance improvements Microsoft has put on this

Free Use Norton Internet Security

1. Download Norton Antivirus 2009 here
2. Install the package, it is simple as usual. Hit the ZUSTIMMEN & INSTALLIEREN button and get started. Maybe you will be required to restart your computer.
3. Fill up the registration fields with your own information. You will then use it for logging Norton Portal to get the detailed license key. Hit Waiter button to go to the next step.
4. Access this page . Log in with your account name and password. You will be redirected to the license key page. . This license key will be use to activate Norton



How to Create a Zip File

When using Windows, you will need a tool like WinZIP – if you do not have a copy of WinZIP you can obtain one from
To create the zip file containing the files to submit:
  • Make sure you have WinZIP installed.
  • Locate the files you want to submit using Windows Explorer.
  • Select the files using Ctrl+left mouse button.
  • With the mouse over one of the selected files, from the popup menu select the WinZIP -> Add files to zip… option.
  • Enter an appropriate name for the zip file in the requester that pops up.
  • Okay the requester, this should start the packing process.
  • Submit the zip file this operation creates.

How to Add Your Photo And Name Songs

Now i show you how to add photo and name in songs.
1st.  You need to download mp3tageditor apps.
Click here for download ………………….
2.     Install the apps.
3.     Add a songs folder from my computer.
4.     Select all songs.
5.    Then Remove album cover .
6.    Add a photo.
7.   Rename  tile …….. you can edit it by your name .
Note: I think it helpful software for you. Thanks

The Fastest Car

The Fastest Car

1. Bugatti Veyron Super Sport: 267 mph, 0-60 in 2.4 secs. Aluminum, Narrow Angle 8 Liter W16 Engine with 1200 hp, base price is $2,400,000. Although the Bugatti Veyron lost the title to SSC Ultimate Aero on March 2007, Bugatti challenge the record in Germany on July 10, 2010 with the new 2010 Super Sport

How to sign in to youtube

First create  a GMAIL account ………

Google seeks to clarify new privacy policy

Seeking to blunt a sharp backlash to recent privacy policy changes, Google has offered to share “the real story” about a system that compiles information about users based on their activity on all of Google’s sites and products.
This week, Google announced new privacy settings. They spell out the fact that the company collects and compiles data about its users based on their activity on its various sites — from its search page to Gmail to

Internet Download Manager Serial Code

download maneger
1.     1st download Internet Download Manager 5.18 Build 4.
2.    Then disable your Antivirus or internet security software .
3.    Install download manager.
4.    And copy your serial key, Register Download manneger.
s/n: SV8SX-FAFRT-0HZGT-6UG7S or s/n: YGF6Z-EHXJ3-GXSKJ-5XI8B or s/n: BBY1Q-XPXXW-793UP-HPMLZ or s/n: 098EM-6F1D5-FUT6O-3D0Q0 or s/n: AMX7L-7B4Y3-P3OQK-HKFXT or s/n: UGLHD-J7QXS-U0CFU-AUDA0 or s/n: Z7CBC-4DKD9-VVZE8-I1EA2 or s/n: N5L02-1XWC4-ES3SA-WI8O9 or s/n: 8VIGV-K6TJI-Z4Q0R-1YSKK or s/n: GC1JH-QWT26-1DJJR-KLHDY or s/n: TE78G-A9DU5-ZF5J2-CWFN0 or s/n: 88Q6A-BF2G9-GKU3M-WGTZ2 or s/n: OR77C-WH4AQ-PU0PH-6E9LF

How to Add Edit and Delete Contacts in Gmail

Using the Contact Manager Like Your Address Book

Gmail allows you to create, add, edit and delete contacts as you want and need to make changes. The Contacts Manager in Gmail is like having an address book linked in with a Gmail account. You can enter any information you may need to have for a contact, including full names, physical and email addresses and phone numbers.
Managing contacts in Gmail takes only a few simple steps. Create, edite and delete contacts quickly. You can even search all contacts
To create and manage contacts in

Create a website

Do you want to learn how to build a website for yourself?
Just follow these 4 to 5 simple steps to learn to create a website for yourself:
1- Register A Domain Name
2- Host Your Website
3- Change Name Servers At Domain Registrar
4- Use Pre-Installed Basekit Site Builder or Install WordPress CMS In Just A Few Clicks
5- Configure WordPress and Publish Your Website (Not required if you use Basekit Sitebuilder in Step 4)
Yes, it’s that easy. Just follow these 5 given steps, and you can learn to make a website in no time

How to Make a Facebook Fan Page

Step 1: Login to Facebook

  • The first step in creating a Facebook fan page involves signing into Facebook using your personal account. Even if you rarely use your personal Facebook account, you will be able to create a Facebook fan page.
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your username and password to login to your page
  • Once you have successfully logged on, you are ready to begin creating your Facebook fan page.
  • If you don’t have a Facebook account already, get one. You will need it to proceed with the setup of a

Creating Blog

1. 1st you visit a blog site. Or Click here .
2. Sign Up a account.
3. Select a template.
4. Then Add user name , blog name,and press Register .
5. Go to appearance, select theme. You can edit your Themes .
6. Go to dashboard and publish your post.
7. You will see your blog.  ……….   

How to hack a facebook fan page

Today I will show you how to hack a Facebook fan page…………………………………………
This is my first post at Hacking Truths and I am very excited about it. I hope you like this tutorial and give your feed back in the comments.
Now lets start the tutorial.
1:-  First u need a facebook account.
2:- Then Select a page for hacking.
3:- Now lets start . Crete a facebook like page. Any kind of page. Then open  what kind of page u hack for.
4:- Copy the name of like page . It paste ur own page name.
5:- Copy the profile picture. Then it paste ur own page profile pic.
6:- If have time line pic its also copy and paste ur own page.
7:- Now hack complete . You can post this page and you will see magic. Comment the page status.
8:- Its not hacking its called cheating with  page admin ………..