How To Change Google Homepage Background Image

Did you know that you can change the background image of Google homepage?
I didn't until now, since I rarely used the Google homepage, which I think is only funny for the doodles and the "I'm Feeling Lucky" search.
As default, the Google homepage will look like the following:

Google Default Homepage
Which background is white without any image. So, how to add an image for the background of your Google homepage? You can check out the following 2 ways:
1. Change the background image to Google's
Change Google homepage background image
After login, you can see a "Change background image" link at the bottom, click on the link, you can select a background image from the public gallery or your Picasa Web photos for your Google homepage.
2. Change the background image to Bing's
Bing Wallpaper for Google Homepage
Every day, the Bing homepage will show you different background images, from which you can see how beautiful the planet we are living on is.
Now, you can use Bing's images for your Google homepage background with the FREE Chrome extension Bing wallpaper for Google homepage.
After installation, your Google homepage background will be automatically replaced with the image of the current "daily Bing homepage", which you can also change to the random one, to the current/random "daily Bing homepage 2", or to first/random "Bing dynamic theme".
Besides Bing images, you can also change your Google homepage background with the Picasa photos, whether random public ones or the ones of a RSS link of any search results.
By the way, you don't need to sign in your Google account to use this extension, but which may be not stable and cause some unexpected errors, such as what you can see from the following image:
Something is wrong
Don't you think there are too much "Google"s?

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