How to Create an App

If a question “How to create an app?” came to your mind one day, remember this. Who knows, it may be the turning point of your life as creating apps is a quite rewarding business. And it’s no longer limited to experienced programmers only. Anyone who has a great idea accompanied by a desire to build an app can succeed, as well as a specialist with years of programming experience.

What you need to do is simply learn about new techniques, methods, necessary tools for app creation which make the whole processes of app making very easy and feasible even for people with basic text editing experience. At present there is a wide range of effective and detailed featured guides on how to create an app
available. They are written by experienced app developers but mostly meant for people without any technical or programming knowledge. You will get all the necessary information starting from the concept of your app to its actual launch.
So, how to create an app practically? How long and how much may it take?
You can visibly design your app using “What You See Is What You Get” app building editor. Another option is choosing an automated online service to build your app. And, finally, you may opt for using computers and software to create your own app with the help of app-creating tools.
Financially to write the software will cost $99 for the developer’s license plus from a few hundreds to a few thousands dollars for Intel-based Mac computer. Sounds like a considerable sum of money, though the rewards may multiply that amount to the extent that is hard to imagine. And you may be getting thousands dollars of reward to your back account.
But, still, if you haven’t created anything so far, it’s a bit too early to think of to spend or not to spend money on the developer’s license. First, of course, everything starts with a creative idea.

How to Create an App?

1. Think first of what you would like to make. An entertainment app or, let’s say, a list organizer? Remember that the software you want to create should urge people to spend a few dollars on that new app. It has to be something inventive that will make work or life easier, or something that will entertain you so that you will lose the track of time. If it becomes an addictive app, it will be total success. Remember that a great idea is great percentage of success in any business. It should, of course, be creative and new. But after all, it seems that after thousands of years of mankind history everything possible and impossible has been created. So it can be, for example, a new approach or a new aspect of something already existing. Draw or write down your idea.
2. Next, to bring your idea to life and actually to write your software you need to master Objective-C & Java programming language and Cocoa Touch framework for development. Use books, free video courses, browse developer’s forums to help you. The knowledge you will get from different valuable resources on app creation will provide you with all the methods, techniques and tools you need to make your app.
3. Finally, when your software is written, before allowing it to the market Apple will review it, so you need to submit your app for Apple’s review. As soon as the program is approved it’s high time you let people know about the new amazing app you’ve created. Advertise your software using [filtered word], social networks, whatever can help to make your new invention popular. If you are creative and have done everything right, very soon your income will cover all the expenses you have met on the way to your dream

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