How to Make a Wikipedia Page

          Now i will show you how to create a wiki page.......
Wikipedia Lets Try :
1. Write right.
Follow this essential step first before you build a solid understanding of how to make a Wikipedia page in the other steps. Before you enter any Wikipedia article of your own, make sure that you have an appropriate topic that is well-sourced and unbiased. You aren’t writing in your diary or a penpal letter to your old elementary school chum who lives across the ocean. Your writing should be of good quality and cited like content that would appear in an encyclopedia. Wikipedia editors will reject articles that promote a business or are similar to travel guides, random tips, bits of advice, news items and penpal letters to your friend Toto in Africa. There’s nothing that a hundred men or more
could ever do about those rules, so write right.
2. Search RA.
What is RA? “RA” stands for “requested articles” by other users. “WP” stands for “wiki” and “pedia” appropriately. If you go to the Wikipedia search box on their website and type in “WP:RA” (without the quotations), then it will bring up a number requested article topics. This is a good way to find a topic to write about because other people are looking for these kinds of articles specifically.
3. Avoid re-writing.
Before you make a Wikipedia page, be sure that Wikipedia hasn’t already published an article that you are thinking or writing. In the site’s search engine, type in your subject to see if any similar topics appear in their database. If your topic comes up, then you’ll need to find another subject to write about that isn’t there already.
4. Double check.
Even if the topic doesn’t appear in their search engine then there is always a chance Google may have it referenced in Wikipedia. Do the same search in Google for the subject. If the king of search doesn’t list it in Wikipedia then it’s likely that the coast is clear and you can choose that topic.
5. Register with Wikipedia.
This is optional, but now you can choose to become a registered user with Wikipedia. It’s advantageous to register because it allows you to create a user profile which enables you to receive messages from other users, changes made to articles and you can get credit for your articles. It’s a no-brainer to register and it has many benefits. If for whatever reason you choose not to register, then try submitting an article proposal through Wikipedia’s Articles for Creation. Type “WP:AFT” in Wikipedia’s search box for more information on that.
6. Cite it right.
To make a Wikipedia page and have the article accepted, it is essential that you cite your sources properly. Reliable reference sources come from published books and newspapers. Getting them from blogs won’t work. For more information about citing sources, type “WP:CITE” in Wikipedia’s search box.
7. Get dirty in the Sandbox.
What does a sandbox have to do with writing Wikipedia articles? Everything. Sandbox is Wikipedia’s in site software that you use directly on their website to create and submit your articles. You could type your article up in Word or whichever word processor you prefer, but eventually you will have to paste it in Sandbox to submit it. So to get more comfortable, practice writing in Sandbox and get acquainted with using its tools. For more information about using the software, type “WP:SB” in the Wikipedia search box.
8. Enter your article.
When you’re ready to put your content into Sandbox, do another search for your topic in Wikipedia’s search engine and click “go”. If the topic is still available to write about, and hopefully it is after all of your hard work researching, then your topic should appear below the search box as a link. Click the text link of your subject and you will be brought to the Sandbox editor where you can enter your article.
9. Review your article.
Once your editing and final touch ups are done to your article, click “show preview” at the bottom of Sandbox to see how your published article will appear in Wikipedia. When you are finally ready to publish, click “save page”.
10. Publish to make a Wikipedia page!
After the Wikipedia editors are finished reviewing your article, they may request more sources from you if they think it’s necessary. If everything is okay with it then it will be available to the public for viewing. Remember to click “help” anywhere on Wikipedia’s sidebar menu if you need more assistance when publishing articles. That’s all she wrote! Hopefully you can pass what you’ve learned here onto others so they know how to make a Wikipedia page for their own areas of expertise too..............................

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