20 Inch Arrow in Neck

Konstantine Myakush was enjoying a family outing when an arrow came flying at him and pierced his neck.
The dad-of-two couldn't believe what was happening when the arrow, thought to have been misfired by someone at a local archery club, came whizzing towards him during a day out in Russia. Miraculously, despite going right through his neck the arrow managed to miss anything his major arteries by less than an inch.

Myakush remained conscious throughout his ordeal and even phoned his wife to say her what was happening while he still had the arrow sticking out of his neck. An ambulance soon arrived and doctors were able to extract the arrow without further injury.

Konstantine Myakush, 38, was on a family outing with his two daughters close a sports middle in Moscow when he was struck by the stray 20-inch-long arrow.

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