Internet Earnings : 50+ Sites to Make Money Online For Free

  1. - A revenue sharing website where the author gets 60 percent of page view impressions and the other 40 goes to Hubpages. Means you earn sixty percent revenue from your pages.
  2. - Pages here are known as Lens. The more the popular lens more the money you get paid. Adsense is not required, nor do you need any other associate ID such as or Lenses are ranked according to its content, traffic, freshness.
  3. - Similar like Hubpages in many aspects. This one is growing at a healthy rate.
  4. - Your articles are published on various websites on the triond network. You can publish anything from poetry to highly scientific article. Shares 50 % percent revenue as well as has Triond earnings which pays you for the amount of views generated on your pages.
  5. - Get paid upfront as well as for traffic that your article generates.
  6. - Shares 60 percent revenue generated on your content.
  7. - Write articles and earn. Minimum amount you can withdraw is USD 25. Another one which I personally like. You can also write blog-type entries, photos, videos, and upload your original documents to earn from it. This can also be used to create backlinks for your other articles elsewhere on the web.
  8. - Shares 75 percent revenue apart from organizing regular contest.
  9. - Write articles and get 50 percent revenue generated on your content. Does not requires an adsense account.
  10. - No adsense required. Get paid on the basis of views generated.
  11. - Become a guide on a specific topic on The selection procedure is tough and only authors with deep knowledge about a topic get selected. So if you have in-depth knowledge about a topic, and the topic is available then you can try your luck. They are very selective and the ones who get selected earn top dollar here.
  12. - Write high-quality unbiased product reviews that help people and earn.
  13. - One of my favorites from the list. Do small task known as HIT and get paid. Learn more about this here : How to Make Money on
  14. - Similar to Mturk
  15. - Sell your stuff on Ebay. Get a free seller's account and sell products (new or used).
  16. Amazon Associates - Promote products or your articles or websites and earn an affiliate income when someone buys from your link.
  17. - Write high-quality articles and get paid if someone buys it. A highly researched article with good information will make as much as 50 dollars.
  18. - Textbroker lets you to earn good income from your writing. If you can write quick and fast then textbroker will be extremely good for you. You get paid upfront.
  19. - Sister site of Textbroker. The .com site is only for US citizens whereas the accepts people from all over the world.
  20. - If you can create unique logos, or can create great looking business card designs then this is the place for you. Basically a crowd-sourcing website catering to designers from all over the world.
  21. - Great photography will make you a good income here.
  22. - Bid for freelance projects and work for clients from around the world.
  23. - Similar to Odesk.
  24. - Complete free offers and earn points which can be redeemed as gift certificates on There are also paid offers here.
  25. - Partner site of Points2Shop, the only difference here is that the points can be redeemed as cash via check facility or by Paypal.
  26. - Another freelance website. If you get going on this website then it will be can make you a good income.
  27. - Another unique way to make money. If you are good on giving advice to people then Ether will be profitable. It works like this, when you sign-up you get an unique number which can be forwarded to your real number. Advice people and earn from it.
  28. - If you are a professional psychic, then head-on to Bitwine to prepare your profile.
  29. - Become a guide at Chacha and provide well-researched answers to questions that web surfers ask. Once you reach 100 dollars you can request the payment. In the process of answering questions you also increase your knowledge manifold by researching answers and interacting on the site.
  30. - Another get paid to answer website but you'll need to have an adsense account to earn. I have read some good reviews of this one.
  31. Youtube Partners - Become a video webmaster and earn by participating with Youtube. Get paid as much as 3-5 USD (only a rough estimate) for every thousand views on your videos.
  32. - Earn HulkPoints to do various things on the website and redeem those points for some free shopping.
  33. - Sign up for a free account here and earn when you surf the web, watch videos, play games etc. to earn points which are known as swag bucks and in exchange get products.
  34. - So you shop a lot. Then head on to this site and earn reward points when you shop for various products. The points can then be traded for other products.
  35. - Complete free survey to make money here.
  36. - Provide your valuable opinion for various products and services for an income.
  37. - Another genuine online survey site.
  38. - Another genuine shopping site who pay for promoting their products. You get a commission when anyone buys from your referral link.
  39. - Sell your designs or become an associate.
  40. - Another crowd-sourcing website to earn part-time. If you are active on other crowd-sourcing websites and don't find work of your choice on other sites then head on to this one in search of work.
  41. - Best site for freelance programmers and web designers. Literally thousands of projects at any point in time.
  42. - Discuss anything, post your experience, respond to others who have similar interest and other fun ways to get some money in the side.
  43. - Upload original videos and earn an income from it
 44. - Earn money for providing answers. The withdrawal limit is only twenty dollars
45. - Become a tutor and earn when someone requests your service. You set your own hourly rate. It takes time to establish your credibility here and make someone to get what you are offering. If you have a good portfolio and are experienced then can itself become a good source for your income.
46. - Share your pictures and get .22 cents for every thousand views on your photographs.
47. - A survey site which pays for every survey you take.
48. - Complete free surveys here.
49. - List anything that you can do or create for five dollars and make money when someone buys your service or product. Fastest growing and fun place. Just go and see what some other people are offering. Some gigs are hilarious.
50. - Every image download of yours can make you anywhere between .25 USD to as much as 28 USD.
51. - Get paid to complete offers.
52. - If you are good at craft and can make unique handmade products then you can sell and earn thousands of dollars on Etsy. It is the largest online shop to earn money from hand made products.


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