RIM wants to help you convince your IT manager to buy new BlackBerry 7 OS phones

"Dear IT manager,
I’m ready to upgrade to a BlackBerry® 7 smartphone, with features that are designed to help boost my productivity and help me manage my day more efficiently:
Apps that will help make me more productive and connected, like BlackBerry Mobile Conferencing, BlackBerry® Traffic™ and BlackBerry® Travel™. A unified inbox, so I can stay on top of all my emails, texts and phone calls. BlackBerry Tag on NFC devices — so I can share contacts and files with my colleagues with a simple tap.HD video recording and playback, so I can capture and share high res video content instantly.Tight integration with the business applications on the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ tablet, such as Docs to Go (by the way—I’d love a BlackBerry PlayBook too!).The proven and reliable BlackBerry platform, designed with security at the core.Along with its great features, BlackBerry devices come with world-class technical support, and centralized and simplified solution management.
And it looks like there’s a great promotion going on right now: For a limited time, the BlackBerry Upgrade Program offers up to $100 for every new BlackBerry 7 purchased. Contact your RIM Account Manager for details.
Will you upgrade me to a BlackBerry 7 smartphone? Check them out at http://us.blackberry.com/smartphones/.
Thank you for your time,
<"-pre-written letter supplied by RIM to send to your IT manager

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