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  • List of 100 free full premium game downloads and also plenty of others listed by posters on the bottom; a good find here. 
  • The majority of the links appear to go to the games developer site for download so protection from viruses is about as good as it gets, but as always tread carefully...this IS the Internet. 
  • 150 free game downloads, and over 200 free Flash games.
  • Advertisement 100% free, with no in game ads.
  • Games are divided up by genre, and easily located.
On a personal note, I noticed this site is a proud supporter of the ASPCA, obviously not relevant, but figured I would toss that one out there.
  • 136 Listed free full game downloads.
  • About the same amount of free online games listed as well.
  • Around 100 free game downloads, and online games as well.
  • Mainly basic games, nothing that appears too premium; however, if your looking to burn a few hours up, check it out.
  • Tons of free premium full game downloads.
  • Plenty of free full game downloads.
  • Kid friendly games and site.
  • Hundreds of premium games available; however, some are demo's or trials, so keep your eyes peeled when downloading.
  • This site has been up and running for over 9 years; can't get more trustworthy than that.
  • Doesn't seem to be much in the way of free games, but they do nonetheless offer 1 sponsored free full game download per day.
  • Can't download anything from this site; however, it is an awesome on-line gaming site with hundreds of games available to play after completing a simple registration.


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