Taking Pictures of Yourself with the iPhone

When you are first taking pictures of yourself with the iPhone, it may seem very difficult to take pictures of yourself. I mean, there’s no physical button which makes it so hard to press it.
That’s how it seems to be…but…

Take a closer look at the placement of the camera button and the iPhone’s home button. The iPhone’s home button is conveniently curved inwards and the camera “button” (on the screen) is placed directly above the physical home button. So, to take pictures of yourself, go through the following process:
1. Hold your iPhone normally in one hand with the camera facing you.

2. Slightly adjust your hand so that your ring finger lies on the home button of the iPhone.
3. Notice that while your ring finger fits right into the curved home button, your middle finger lies exactly on the camera button.
4. Turn the iPhone screen away from you.
5. Take a picture by tapping your middle finger to the screen.
6. Nice awesome pictures – no need to tap all around trying to find the button until you heard the “snap” of the camera sound :)

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