Hard Drive Failure Computer Virus

 Another busy start to the week in the laptop repairs section of our computer workshop in Perth.

Several cases of an older computer virus that seems to have been updated to get past most main stream internet security solutions have been dropped of this morning.

The infection first makes it's appearance after a seemingly normal Shutdown or Reboot. After starting as normal, a box will suddenly pop up claiming that your hard drive is about to fail as shown in this screen shot:

Hard Drive Failure Virus Screen Shot

This virus also hides all your files and most of your icons which has the effect of inducing panic in most people!

By the time you see this, your computer or laptop is infected and your anti virus / internet security has been compromised .

At this point, we are just starting to determine the best method for removing this virus and will update this entry once the virus removal method has been formalised.

As we take great care with protecting your data during the virus removal process, all your data will be safe.

Virus Removal Update

After a bit of work, and we now have quite a few 'live' subjects to work on,

The virus removal process has been successfully formalised without data loss.

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