Top 6 websites to free download movies via torrent

Except old movies, there are not easy to download new movies online for free, but it should be a good way to free download movies via torrents.
Below 6 websites should be checked out in the torrent downloading market:

1. Torrent Portal
torrent portal
Torrent Portal is a BitTorrent metafile index tracking: 2,097,815 Torrents with 1,896,450,667 Peers across 12,914 trackers. We also have 1,147,966 registered members.
Though there may be direct downloads, but adds included and not workable often, so the best safe way to download is via a BT software.
2. SUMO Torrent
SUMO Torrent
There are more than 2 million torrents, in which many new moives are included. You can share the movie torrents to Twitter from SUMO directly.
3. Torrentz
A very powerful website for you to download thounds of movies uploaded and shareed by others. But Torrentz even not supports to download torrents directly, instead you have to choose one of the recommended torrent download locations.
4. Mininova
Started in January 2005, Mininova is a directory and search engine for all kinds of torrent files. You can subscribe to the RSS Feeds of any torrent categories to catch up what’s new.
5. isoHunt
There are nearly 1 million members in isoHunt, which has about 5000 torrents of movies and videos.
6. Torrent Reactor
Torrent Reactor
The movie torrents can be searched by subject categories, such as Action, Adventure, Romance, and so on.
All the above bittorrent websites are similar, not very good in looking, quite a lot ads, that’s why the movies are free for download. So, just find the movies you want and choose the best ones with more seeds and leechers.
By the way, since the download speed is quite slow here in China, I am looking for other ways to download free movies, such as UseNext software. Please let me know if you have other great torrent sources to download free movies.

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