Top 10 Free Online HTML Editors

WordPress has a great WYSIWYG HTML editor, you can write with the visual editor and get the HTML elements instantly.
Since the visual editor will slow down the input speed, I disable it, and write with the HTML editor directly, but it’s hard to remember some HTML codes, such as the following:
" ("),
's ('),
&lt; (<),

And it is also hard to add tables, so sometimes I have to use another HTML editor to get the codes and paste them into the WordPress blog posts. At first, I used Dreamweaver, but which was too heavy, so I turn to use free web-based, among which, the following 10 are the best:

1. CKEditor

With the CKEditor demo, you can insert tables, add images or flash videos from your computer or the internet, and the media files you upload will be saved in the website.
Since CKEditor is an open source software, you can download it and run an online HTML editor on your own website, too.

2. TinyMCE

TinyMCE is also an open source software, and you can download it or just use it online.
With the online editor, you can insert Flash, iFrame, HTML5 video and some other media files with URLs, add images from the internet or the site’s gallery, and you can even upload GIF, JPG, PNG, PDF as well as ZIP files from your computer.

3. Quackit

Quackit Online HTML Editor
The Quackit Online HTML Editor is powered by and nearly same as CKEditor, but you can’t upload images or flash videos from your computer.

4. Your Online HTML Editor
Your Online HTML Editor is nearly same as Quackit mentioned above.

Powered by TinyMCE and CKEditor, is available for you to insert images, flash videos and iFrams with URLs.

6. HTML Color Codes

HTML Color Codes
The HTML Color Codes is like TinyMCE, but with fewer features, such as you can’t upload files from your computer, insert HTML5 audio files, or choose images from a gallery.

7. Free Online HTML Editor

Free Online HTML Editor
Free Online HTML Editor is nearly same as HTML Color Codes mentioned above.
The above 7 free online HTML editors doesn’t require registration, you can just open them and start writing, while the following 3 require registration to use:

8. ThinkFree

With the ThinkFree HTML editor, you can upload images from your computer, the web, Clipart or Flickr, search to add YouTube videos, add Yahoo or MSN icons, etc.
By the way, it says that you can also search and add a map, but which was not workable during my test.

9. Zoho Writer

Zoho Writer
Zoho Writer is available for you to insert images, videos, watermark and nearly anything else you like, but you can’t use the HTML codes for your WordPress blog directly, instead, you can export your document as an HTML file and get the elements you need from the source view.

10. Google Docs

Google Docs
Google Docs is as powerful as Zoho for you to create a document, but there is no HTML view any more, and you need to download the document as a HTML file to get the codes.
Among the above 10 websites, CKEditor and TinyMCE are my favorite, which ones are yours? Or do you have any other free online HTML editors? Share with us by leaving a comment.

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