How to Change Your Name on Facebook

Changing your name on Facebook can be useful (ex. after a legal name change) or just plain fun. To change your name on Facebook, follow these instructions.
1.Log into Facebook.

2. To the right of the Home link, click the downward-pointing arrow and choose Account Settings. This can be found at the top right-hand corner of every Facebook page.

3.To the right of your Name, click Edit. This will take you to an editable page of your account info.

4. Change your name. Note that Facebook often won’t let you change your name to something that’s obviously fake. For example, say your name's Andy Gee and your nickname is Epic Gee: you won’t be able to change it to Epic Gee, but you might be able to make a compromise with Andy “Epic” Gee.
 If you’ve changed your name (ex. after marriage), you can enter your former name in the Alternate Name box, allowing people to find you by searching for your old name. (This is also a good place to include a funny nickname.)
5.Click Save Changes. Remember that it can take Facebook Servers up to 24 hours to reflect changes; however this process often takes a matter of seconds.
6. Log out and log back in. Your name should be reset.


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